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I’m an enormous fan of BH Cosmetics, I’ve been in love with their brushes and foundation since I was a teen. Whenever I’m searching for new makeup products, you can always find me scrolling through the BH Cosmetics lineup. This time I came across their Spotlight Highlighter palette which has quite a lot of hype around it. People have referred to it as the dupe of the “Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero” palette.

After placing my order, the delivery took approx two weeks to arrive to Australia. There were a few hiccups with the order process which caused a delay in the delivery, after contacting the BH Cosmetics support team, they had the issue amended ASAP. Their team were very professional and easy to deal with.



I received the palette, unboxed it and Wow! It’s gorgeous. There are 6 shades:

Ethereal – pearly white
Dream – copper orange
Radiance – bronze deep orange
Glow – champagne shimmer
Allure – deep rose gold
Vivid – rose gold



BH Cosmetics spotlight highlighter palette




Firstly the palette comes in a black cardboard case that slides over the palette. The exterior is minimalist and neat. It doesn’t have a whole lot of artwork but the simplistic design is stunning. The palette is quite large in size and probably one of the largest highlighters I own (so far). The pans are huge in size and hold a lot of product, it’s safe to say I’m not going to run out anytime soon!

Even though the palette only has 6 shades, the range of skin tones it caters for is wide. The palette box also includes a large, decent quality mirror inside that does the job for when I need to get in close. It can also be a handy mirror to touch up while out and about, or if your going away for the weekend.



BH Cosmetics




The formula of this palette is AMAZING. It applies effortlessly onto the skin and doesn’t have a cakey look, which is something that is necessary in a good highlighter. The pigmentation is very intense and the texture is creamy. The powder transfers over to the brush with minimal to zero fall out which helps create a more profound shimmer. Minimal fallout out means little to no waste of the product. Once applied onto the skin it doesn’t feel or look too heavy, and leaves a nice shimmer glow. Working my way through a 10 hour day, the glow held it’s ground and looked almost identical to when first applied.

I personally found the Ethereal shade the best for me as I have pale skin. Sometimes adding a little more intensity with the Glow or Vivid shades can build a more fierce shimmer. The other shades are just too dark for me to wear as a highlighter, so I use them as an eye shadow instead.



BH Cosmetics



Another reason I adore BH Cosmetics is because they are cruelty-free, gluten-free, Dermatologist tested, allergy tested, and they have vegan friendly options. Not only do I feel good knowing they aren’t testing their products on animals, but also have the piece of mind they aren’t using harsh ingredients too. BH Cosmetics’ products are perfect for people with sensitive or easily irritated skin, but remember to do a patch test if you’re feeling concerned.

BH Cosmetics Animal Test and Cruelty Free Status. 




The BH Cosmetics Spotlight 6 Colour Highlight Palette was only $16.99 AUD! It’s an absolute bargain in my view. The amount and quality of the product surpass the price tag. If you’re looking for a new highlighter that’s not going to break the bank or run out anytime soon, this baby will definitely blow your mind.



BH Cosmetics



BH Cosmetics Spotlight Highlighter Palette:

I bought this highlighter because it was from a reputable brand and wasn’t going to put a large dent in my bank account. Never did I think it would go flying into my top 10 highlighters on the first use. The BH Cosmetics Spotlight 6 Colour Highlight Palette is an excellent product that I can greatly recommend.



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