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Yves Saint Laurent is one of the most expensive, boujee French luxury fashion houses in the world.

Not only does YSL sell very extravagant bags and other accessories, but they also sell various beauty products.

One of their latest foundations has taken the beauty world by storm, the All Hours Foundation.

It has sent beauty gurus into shock, not only because of its apparent “full coverage” but also because of its price. So, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and order one for myself. Oh my goodness………..




  • Product: YSL All Hours Foundation
  • Shade: B10
  • Finish: Matte





The design of the YSL All Hours Foundation is very boujee. The bottle is frosted with the text outlined in a slim black line down the middle. The bottle has a black lid with the YSL logo attached to it. This YSL foundation comes with a pump lid and it takes a few pumps to get the foundation to appear, which is standard for a pump foundation. The overall design of this foundation is very similar to the Designer Brands Cosmetics 24-hour wear foundation. It’s the same physical size as a standard foundation which makes it really easy for use and transportation. I do find the glass a little too thick, I feel as though they could have added more product using a thinner glass. Overall, I do think it’s a very beautiful and high-end design.




When first applying the YSL All Hours Foundation it blew me away. The coverage was amazing. I have dry, red, freckled skin which can sometimes be difficult to cover, the YSL foundation only took one layer with a minimal amount of product. I applied it with a flat blending brush and didn’t see any streaks or brush marks in the foundation. The texture is semi-thick with a small amount of fluidity. As I first applied, it had a dewy undertone, then once dried it changed to matte. I did notice a little oxidation as it dried but nothing too crazy. YSL describes the foundation as suitable for all skin types which always puts me off, it’s just like saying “one-size fits all’. As I have dry skin I always try to stick with foundations that are hydrating or dewy so I was a little sceptical about this foundation. Surprisingly it wasn’t drying on the skin, in fact, it left the skin feeling soft and hydrated.



This is where things start to get a little disappointing. Yves Saint Laurent is currently owned by L’Oreal and complies with L’Oreals animal testing policy. The YSL beauty brand is sold in Mainland China, and sadly they are not cruelty-free. YSL Beauty doesn’t specify clearly if they are a gluten-free or vegan-friendly brand, although it is Dermatologically tested and is non-comedogenic. Now, let’s discuss another disappointing topic with this foundation, SHADE RANGE. There are 22 shades, 19 of them are for lighter-skin tones and 2 for darker-skin tones. I find this extremely frustrating and distasteful.




The price of the YSL All Hour Foundation is extortionate, retailing for $89.00 AUD! The amount of product you receive 25 ml which is below the average of 30 ml. So do I think this product is worth the buy? Personally, I wouldn’t purchase it again. It is very expensive for the amount of product included. It does have amazing coverage but comparing it to the drugstore dupe “Designer Brands Cosmetics Long wear 24-hour Full Coverage Foundation”, which retails for $16.99 and has more product and a similar amount of coverage. I’d prefer the dupe.



YSL All Hours Foundation: 

I had really high hopes for this foundation because of the hype and the expensive price tag, but the uncovered negatives outweigh the positives for me. The coverage and formula of the YSL foundation is amazing but the ethics and affordability of this product really drag it down. I’m really disappointed that in 2018 we are still testing on animals and creating limited shade ranges?


I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions on this product, leave it below in the comments.

Stay flawless!


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