Makeup Hacks: Making Your Eyeshadow Pop

Making your eyeshadow pop is so simple to achieve. I’ve never once had anyone comment on my eyeshadow until using this easy makeup hack. It is a staple in my makeup routine and I’ll never go back.


Priming your eyelid

Before you focus on the design, style and colours that you will incorporate into the eyeshadow. Shift your focus onto the beginning. First you will need to properly prime your eyelid, just like priming the rest of your face. Priming your eyelid is essential to the process of making your eyeshadow pop.




Concealing is step number two. Concealer will create a smooth, one-toned base for the eyeshadow to lay. Use the concealer on the eyelid and brow bone to keep an even consistency around the eye. This helps the eyeshadow appear more pigmented, be more blendable, and more buildable.



Use a damp brush

This is especially helpful for when using glitter eyeshadows. Either dampen the brush using water, or spray the brush with a setting spray to achieve a more intense pigmentation. Using this method will bring more definition and give the appearance of a more vibrant eyeshadow. This will also help the eyeshadow to stay put longer and wear less during the day.

Glitter Eyeshadow Tip – Using your finger to apply glitter eyeshadows will also give a similar effect.



Double up

You now have your base for making your eyeshadow pop, it’s time to start think about design. After choosing the design, style and colour, it’s time to apply. Double up is self-explanatory. Apply the eyeshadow not once but twice to give an instant pop effect.



I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions on this makeup hack, leave it below in the comments.

Stay flawless!


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