Secrets To Get Free Makeup Samples

Remember back to when you had a meal given to you for free. Can you recall how delicious that meal was? Do you know why it was so much better than when you had cooked it or bought it yourself?

It was FREE!

Everyday we buy, buy, buy. When something is given to us for free, it’s like the first sunny day after winter.

Free makeup samples are an awesome example of that. You can try out expensive designer brands against cheap drugstore brands. There’s no need to buy a $70 foundation to find that it doesn’t work with your skin. There are makeup companies out there that will just give you free makeup!

So what’s the secret to get free makeup samples? It’s easy, all you have to do is ask.



Free Makeup Samples From Stores

Free Makeup Samples

The most common way to get free makeup samples is to go in store. You can walk away with pretty much anything you want as a sample. Try your favourite makeup store, drugstore or beauty shop.

There are two different samples you can get:

Sample 1: They will apply it or let you apply it in store, normally only a small amount to see if you like it.

Sample 2: This sample you can take home, it contains a lot more product.

The idea is to try sample 1 and see if you like the product. Then ASK for sample 2 to take home and try for a few days. Some makeup stores will also give you a FREE full face of makeup using their products.

Again, all you need to do is ask.



Free Makeup Samples In The Mail

Free Makeup Samples

The second option is by mail. You can get free makeup samples without even leaving the house. You will however need to jump on the computer and write a few emails.

What to write in the email?

Easy.. Introduce yourself, ask for what you would like, and wait for the free makeup samples to come rolling in.



Free Makeup Samples With Purchase

Say you have a few makeup samples that you like, and you decide to buy the real deal. A lot of the time, beauty companies will chuck in a few freebies with your order. At the checkout they may ask your preferences on the samples, or they will just throw in whatever is on the cards that month.

If you really like the samples they are offering and you are purchasing more than one product, there’s a way to get more. Make sure the shipping is free first, then order your items individually. This will split the shipments and produce more samples.



Free Makeup Samples On Social Media

Free Makeup Samples

Start following your favourite cosmetic brands on all social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all of them.

Look out for giveaways, competitions and free samples. These are all great ways to get free makeup samples and sometimes you will get more than just a sample.

Not only pages..

Start joining Facebook groups and communities. Groups post discount codes, latest product news, free giveaways, etc.



I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions on this topic, leave them below in the comments.


Stay Flawless!



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