Natural Makeup Look in 9 Steps

The natural makeup look is about getting the “is she even wearing makeup” response, as well as feeling light and natural. We have brought together the 9 crucial steps to achieving the natural makeup look, and it’s really simple to do.



Step 1: Wash your face

To get the perfect natural makeup look, you need the perfect base for the makeup to sit. Start by cleansing your skin of all the unwanted dead skin, debris and grime, using your favourite face wash. Pat skin dry with a clean dry cloth.



Step 2: Moisturise

Natural makeup look

Apply a BB cream or tinted moisturiser to your face. This will even out your facial skin tone, and will give your face a one-tone base. Unlike foundation, BB cream will feel light and moisturising with a more natural look.

Using a sheer coverage foundation will also achieve a natural makeup look, as long as the foundation does not look cakey or heavy.



Step 3: Conceal

You don’t want to over do it with the concealer. Apply to dark eye circles, pimples, acnes, and heavy blemishes. Concealer is a powerful tool when covering up unwanted spots, but shouldn’t be overused on a natural makeup look.



Step 4: Powder (optional)

Natural makeup look

If you have oily or shiny skin, you may want to apply powder. Dust over your face using the finishing powder. If you can get away without using powder, do so.



Step 5: Blush

Apply a very minimal amount of blush to your cheekbones but do not over do it. Pick out a blush that is a natural colour, nothing too deep or bright. The subtle amount of blush will help create the natural makeup look and give your face a more youthful appearance.



Step 6: Brows

Natural makeup look

Fill your brows in with your favourite brow pencil.



Step 7: Eyeshadow

A very light touch is all that is needed. Pick a shade that is close your skin colour to keep it as natural as possible, add in a slight sparkle using a highlighter. No glitters or bright colours here, the eyes are what people look at the most.



Step 8: Mascara 

Natural makeup look

Be careful with mascara, you will know when you have gone to far. Apply one coat at a time. If you’re at the point where you think “is one more layer going to be too much?”, don’t apply that one more layer.



Step 9: Lips (optional) 

A natural makeup look can be achieved without touching the lips. But, sometimes adding a little spice can make all the difference. Try using a Lipbalm colour with slightly more red/pink than your lips. If you don’t like it, just wipe it off.



I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions, leave them below in the comments.

Stay flawless!

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