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Colourpop is quickly rising in the beauty industry with their website ranked #10 for Cosmetics, according to SimilarWeb. The reason for this popularity growth is due to the quality and pricing of their products. This time last year Colourpop released their “No Filter” complexion range which had a lot controversy around it. The product that got the most hype was the No Filter Foundation. 


  • Product: Colourpop No Filter Foundation
  • Shades: Fair 20
  • Finish: Matte

First things first, delivery. I ordered my parcel on the 2nd of October and I received it on the 24th of October. Being my impatient self, I was checking my tracking number every day and was getting a little annoyed that it was taking so long. I do live in Australia so things do generally take a while to arrive, but 22-days is a little crazy.




Colourpop No Filter Foundation

The design of the packaging is very cute! The box is a baby pink with white diagonal stripes, and silver holographic text. First glance at the glass bottle, it’s small, light and fits perfectly in your hand. The bottle is covered in little white stars and has a white pump lid. On first attempt, it took a few pumps to get some product out which is standard for a new foundation. I’d recommend this as a foundation to take away on holiday due to the size, weight, and the “twist lock” pump lid, making it super secure and safe from leakages.




Colourpop No Filter Foundation

The Colourpop No Filter Foundation formula is very thin and watery. I was worried that the coverage was going to be very sheer due to the texture. Surprisingly it was a medium coverage. When applying the foundation I did want more of a full coverage look, so I applied two layers. It was very buildable without looking cakey or patchy, and the finish of the coverage was very matte. It not drying on the skin nor left it looking cracked or flaky. I completed the look with the Colourpop No Filter Translucent Setting Powder.

After wearing the foundation for 4 hours, I did notice my pores start to become more visible and defined. Trying to fix this, I used a beauty blender to bounce the product back into the skin, but the foundation just wiped off. I don’t know if the product or the beauty blender was the cause here. I normally use the sponge to push the product into the skin and I have never had the foundation wipe off like this before. 

After 6 hours the foundation was just hovering and was no longer in my skin. Touching my face, the product was coming off onto my fingers. This could potentially come down to the primer, setting powder or setting spray. I use the same primer and setting spray with all my foundations and I’ve never had this issue, the one thing I changed was the setting powder. But this setting powder is paired with the foundation, so I’m unsure what caused the product to separate and hover.




Colourpop No Filter Foundation

Colourpop is 100%fur baby friendly” and PETA approved. Colourpop and their parent company Seed Beauty have come out with a statement announcing they only test their products on humans (the ones in their HQ to be exact). They have also announced that almost all of their products are vegan, this includes the No Filter Foundation. They have listed all their products that aren’t vegan HERE. Colourpop haven’t list if their products are dermatologist tested, but they don’t use harsh chemicals in their products. The shade range of this foundation is amazing, there are 42 shades so everyone can find their colour.




Colourpop No Filter Foundation

This foundation retails for $16 AUD, which is reasonably cheap, although you do have to factor in the shipping cost. The amount of product you receive is 25ml which is 5ml below the standard amount.

Now, is it worth the money?

Comparing it to the BH Cosmetics Naturally Flawless Foundation which holds 30mls and currently retails for $12 AUD, I’d prefer to go with the foundation that holds more product and its a few dollars cheaper. I found the BH Cosmetics foundation to last longer and not wear as much during the day too. 



Review | Colourpop No Filter Foundation

I’ve wanted to try this foundation since it was first released but was always held back due to the shipping and my forgetfulness. Now that I have got my hands on it, I’m a little disappointed. The only thing that was a standout for me was the ethics of this product. If you’re in need of a new, cheap, medium to full coverage foundation that’s going to last longer than 4 hours, I wouldn’t recommend the Colourpop No Filter Foundation. Have a look around at other various online-based cosmetic companies. 



I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions on this product, leave it below in the comments.


Stay Flawless!

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