How to use foundation

Foundation is considered the most important part of any makeup look.

The make or break. The do or die.

Before anything else, your foundation must be perfected.

It is base to your entire makeup look.

Natural. Flawless. An even one tone appearance. All of the above.

In this quick tutorial I go through the essential steps for the perfect foundation.

Every. Single. Time!



Step 1: Wash your face

How to use foundation

The skin is constantly subject to oils, dirt and debris.

Could you imagine painting a wall covered in dirt/debris? It would stand out like a sore thumb.

Using foundation over unclean skin will trap in the dirt, causing bacteria buildup.

What can you expect from bacteria buildup? Breakouts!! Nasty.

Plus, it’s important to give your face a good wash everyday.

Use your favourite face wash to give your skin a good clean. Then pat dry with a fresh towel.

You now have a clean canvas to start your perfect foundation.



Step 2: Moisturise

How to use foundation

Moisturising is a crucial step before applying foundation.

If you’ve been finding your foundation to be dry, this may be your fix.

Apply a small amount of moisturiser to your face and massage in.

This will hydrate your skin and add a subtle natural glow.



Step 3: Prime

A step commonly overlooked is priming. This step is the key to a longer lasting foundation.

Primer acts as a barrier between your skin and the makeup. It fills in any uneven surface and creates a smooth layer for the makeup to sit.

The primer will also aid in keeping your foundation looking flawless for longer. It’s not worth skipping.

There are primers for oily skin, combination skin and dry skin. You’ll have no problem finding one that’s best suited for you.

Apply a small amount using your fingertips, creating an even layer across your entire face. Don’t go too close to your eyes.



Step 4: Picking the right foundation

how to use foundation

Picking the right foundation is fairly simple. Nowadays most cosmetics stores offer professional advice on choosing a foundation suitable for your skin.

The first step is to pick a shade to match your skin colour. This can be done by either asking a store person or using the testers available in store.

Choosing a shade that you like, and not one that necessarily fits your skin can turn you into an oompaloompa, real quick.

Also, beware of buying a product from the internet if you’re unsure of your shade, this could end up being waste of money.


Next is to choose an undertone that can be matched with your skin:

Neutral undertone – Suits warm skin with pink/red undertones.

Pink/Red undertone – Suits dull skin with grey/neutral undertones.


Picking the right amount of coverage depends on the occasion and how much coverage is needed.

If you have heavy sunburn and are going to a wedding, you probably guessed it, full coverage is definitely needed. However, if you are just heading down to the local store then a sheer coverage is fine.

Sheer – Home/Gym/VERY casual occasions.

Medium – Causal occasions. Light sunburn, small breakouts, etc.

Full – Fancy/formal/important occasions. Heavy sunburn, acne, serious breakouts, etc.


The finish is easy to choose and is based on your skin type.

Matte finish – Suits oil skin and combination skin.

Dewy finish – Suits dry skin and combination skin.

You can use matte finish on dry skin, but be sure to moisturise, prime and use setting spray, putting as much moisture into the skin possible.



Step 5: Application 

How to use foundation


If you decide on sheer coverage, you will have no problem applying this with your hands.

  1. Pump two squirts of foundation into your palm.
  2. Dab evenly across the face using your finger.
  3. Start in the centre, and spread evenly using your finger tips or beauty blender.



Medium/Full coverage is a slightly more intricate than sheer. You will definitely be using a brush or beauty blender.

  1. Pump two squirts of foundation onto the back of your hand.
  2. Using a brush or finger, dab evenly across your face.
  3. Start in the centre, and spread evenly using a brush, roughly blending.
  4. Dampen your beauty blender and ring out any excess water.
  5. Dab the blender over your face, blending the foundation into your skin. Blend out until the foundation is evenly distributed across your skin, and the look is flawless.



Step 6: Setting

How to use foundation

Last but not least, setting your foundation. This is going to help your foundation last longer and stay put while you power through the day.

You will need to first apply a setting powder. Dip a medium sized brush into the powder, and lightly dust over your face. Delicately buff the powered into the skin.

Next, spray a small amount of setting spray over the skin to set the finished look and keep the skin hydrated.



The Perfect Foundation 

Hooray! After following this guide, you will now have a flawless foundation look!

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