Makeup Hacks: How To Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger

Throughout the decades so many different styles of eye makeup have been created, from the outlined eye to the wing liner. A large portion of these styles can actually be making your eyes look smaller. If yours are on the smaller side and you’re wanting them to seem bigger and brighter, lining your lash is not your friend. Water line with a black crayon/pencil? Also not your friend.

Big, Bright eyes are something everyone wants, and we will show you how to fake these eyes and fill others with envy.

Compiled below are the steps to make your eyes look bigger, bolder, brighter. It’s easy, simple and works almost every time.

It’s time to make a statement. 



Step 1: 

When applying eyeliner, avoid your bottom waterline as it will create too much shadow and darkness. It’s just like painting a room, if you paint all the walls black the room will appear smaller than it actually is. Focus on your upper lash line instead.

Stay away from crayons and pencils as they don’t set in place. They will slowly smudge and fade throughout the day leaving the eyeliner looking dull, and end up transferring all over your lids.

When using a liquid eyeliner, start at your tear duct and slowly grad it across the lid, lightly thickening the line as you reach the end. Finish it off with a small wing. The eye will look more open, lifted, and defined. 



Step 2: 

Using a nude eyeliner, trace the bottom waterline. Apply a few layers, completely covering your natural line. This mimics the colour of your natural waterline, while enlarging the appearance of your eye.

To create a more dramatic look, use a white liner. It will create a more intense appearance, as it mimics the whites of your eyes.



Step 3:

Finish the look off with some highlighter around your tear duct to enhance and brighten your eyes.

Then, apply a few layers of mascara to your top eyelashes, and a light coat to your bottom lashes. This intensifies the eyes and creates a bold, wider appearance.



Big bright peepers are considered as youthful. Try different styles, and see what you like best. 


I’d love to hear your thoughts, leave them below in the comments.


Stay Flawless!


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