4 Best Moisturizers for Dry Skin

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We don’t all have glowing, hydrated skin 24/7, 365. So we’ve brought together the best moisturizers for dry and cracked skin, to help you out.

Honestly, who doesn’t want their skin to look healthy and vibrant? Instead of being flaky and crusty? Everyone does! We all want our skin to radiate, glow and beckon the question by all – “How do you have such gorgeous skin?”

Moisturizing is the Key! 

Two of the worst factors that result in my dry skin are:

  1. The sun!
  2. HOT showers.

As soon as summer comes around, I’m outside, I can’t resist the sun and warm weather. The downside… Even being out in the sun for 15 minutes with sunscreen, my nose will become flaky and dry the same day.

As for cold showers, I can handle them in the summer months, but I really do struggle to step under freezing cold water in winter.

It’s difficult to reduce these factors that make my skin dry, and in some cases, people have no choice but to live with dry skin because it can be hereditary or a medical condition.

Luckily, moisturizer is here to help ease some of the sufferings. Using a moisturizer specifically designed for dry skin can do a whole lot of good for your body, and your mind.

4 best moisturizers for dry skin PINTEREST

What causes dry skin?

Sometimes, dry skin can be caused by a lack of moisture, pretty straightforward right? But there are other cases where dry skin can be caused by harsh products used in our everyday life.

A common dry skin offender is soap! Harsh soaps, laundry powder, and face washes can all contribute to this department. Try using a product designed for sensitive skin and allergies, it could potentially reduce dry skin and irritations.

I remember a short span of time in my teens where I had irritations from a certain laundry powder. Speak about frustration! I couldn’t even sit with my back up against a chair because it would press my t-shirt against my skin, and ITCH like mad. Thankfully I quickly figured out the laundry powder was the problem and changed to a sensitive powder ASAP.

There are many other causes of dry skin, such as hot water, medications, genetics, diet and sun exposure. It really comes down to how our bodies react to different environments and chemicals (like my experience with the laundry powder).

Below are some of the best moisturizers for dry skin.

For The Sensitive

4. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration

The Pros: It’s a great moisturizer for sensitive, irritated, and dry skin. Immediately helps to calm and soothe.

The Cons: A little expensive.

In a nutshell: Great choice for people who constantly have dry or irritated skin. It’s a very gentle cream that’s suitable for people suffering from eczema or other skin irritations.

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The Natural Choice

3. Aloe Infusion Body and Face Moisturizer.

The Pros: This moisturizer contains 100% natural ingredients. It leaves the skin feeling soft and moist, and absorbs easily into the skin. Great natural cream for dry skin.

The Cons: This moisturizer lasts up to 12 hours and is on the more expensive side.

In a Nutshell: Being full of healthy oils and super-plants, it certainly tops the natural list. You can’t go past this cream when looking for a 100% natural moisturizer for dry skin.

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The Best Value

2. NIVEA Intense Healing Body Lotion.

The Pros: A great moisturizer for dry skin, and keeps the skin soft for up to 72 hours. The lotion leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturized, and it’s super affordable.

The Cons: Some people find the smell unappealing and perfumey.

In a Nutshell: A really great lotion to help with dry skin. If you’re on a budget, this is the moisturizer for you.

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The Very Best

  1. CeraVe – Daily Face and Body Moisturizer for Dry Skin.

The Pros: 24 – hour hydration, quality ingredients, this is an excellent moisturizer for dry skin. Its effectiveness is unmatched.

The Cons: There have been a few reports that the pump has not worked properly.

In a Nutshell: As far as the best moisturizer for dry skin goes, this one tops the list. It’s BEST moisturizer for dry skin.

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The Very Best

The CeraVe – Daily Face and Body Moisturizer takes the cake, being the best moisturizer for dry skin. The effectiveness of this moisturizing cream is unrivaled. It has fans jumping up and down in love. The quality has people coming back for more and more! It’s developed with dermatologists and recommended by dermatologists.

There are many of us out there who experience dry skin round the clock, if you’re one of these people, try out the CeraVe Moisturizer straightaway!

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The Best Value

As far as value for your buck goes, there’s no going past the NIVEA Intense Healing Body Lotion. If you’re wanting a moisturizer for dry skin that is long-lasting, does the job, and won’t put a dent in your wallet, this is your savior. Not only is it specifically designed for VERY dry & rough skin, but it lasts for up to 72 hours. It is definitely the more affordable option but doesn’t skip out on effectiveness, with its repeat customers raving about their success using the moisturizer.

If you’re wanting an alternative option to “The Very Best” that’s going to save you a few bucks, go get the Nivea Intense Healing Body Lotion!

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More Benefits of Moisturizing

Moisturizing has numerous other benefits other than clearing up dry skin. One of the benefits is actually the complete opposite and is to clear up oily skin. Strange, right? z is wonderful.

There is a certain rumor that using moisturizer can increase the oiliness of the skin and that people with oily skin should steer clear. This is not true, using moisturizer will actually reduce the excess oils, and help to clear acne/breakouts.

However, you’ll want to choose the moisturizer specifically for oily skin, it will work best on your skin type.

Another great reason for using moisturizer is to keep your skin staying youthful. Moisturizing keeps the skin hydrated and aids in speeding up the repairing process, while maintaining healthy youthful skin.

Check out more on the benefits of using moisturizer HERE.

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Stay Flawless!

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