8 Proven Health Benefits of Coffee

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Did you know that coffee is the worlds most popular beverage, with over 500 billion cups consumed every year?  It’s not just a quick energy boost in the morning, coffee also has many proven health benefits that you may not of heard of.

Thanks to its high levels of antioxidants and valuable nutrients, coffee is actually considered quite the healthy beverage. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of straight black coffee, there are tons of different varieties available nowadays.

In Japan and Korea, they have even based a cafe around cats and coffee. So when you’re in need of some kitty cuddles and a caffeine hit, these cafes are the place to be. I wonder what’s next? Maybe they’ll make one with doggies too?!

As well as being a delicious beverage, coffee has the possibility of lowering your risk of certain serious diseases and health conditions. The list below has 8 proven health benefits of coffee.

You probably already drink coffee everyday and don’t need another excuse, but when someone says “you drink too much coffee”, this is what you can tell them.

1. Coffee burns fat.

8 Proven Health Benefits of Coffee

If you’ve looked into purchasing a fat burning supplement, then you’ve probably caught on that caffeine is one the main ingredients. The reason for coffee being in the majority of these supplements is because caffeine aids in naturally burning fat.

Caffeine has been proven to boost your metabolism by 3-11% and effectively increase your fat burning power. Instead of using an artificial-hugely expensive product to boost your metabolism, try coffee, it’s natural, and healthy.

Caffeine is a good way to help shed some extra pounds from the body. If you’re not already drinking it, it may be a good time to start!

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2. Contains essential nutrients.

Another great benefit of coffee is that it contains awesome essential nutrients that our bodies LOVE. These nutrients include: Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Manganese, Potassium, Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5), magnesium, and Niacin (Vitamin B3).

Drinking coffee is a great way to get in some extra nutrients if you’re on a detox, or a diet.

It may not look like a whole lot of goodies, but many of us drink upwards of 2 – 4 cups per day. At the end of the day it all adds up to our well-being.

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3. Coffee can help to fight depression and make you happier.

8 Proven Health Benefits of Coffee

Depression is a very serious and also very common mental disorder. It causes a dramatically reduced quality of life and can affect anyone.

300 million people in the world have depression, and 37% of adults don’t receive treatment, at all. This is a staggeringly big number.

Coffee has been proven to lower the risk of depression in women by 20% when 4 or more cups are consumed per day.

Also, people who drink 4 or more cups a day are 53% less likely to die by suicide.

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4. Drinking coffee can help you live longer.

One of the most impressive health benefits of coffee is that it can help you live longer! Coffee drinkers have a reduced risk of many diseases, and a lower risk of death.

In two extensive studies, females who consumed coffee were shown have a lower risk of death by 26%, and males have a reduced risk by 20%.

It was also shown that coffee had a very positive effect on people with type 2 diabetes, who had a 30% lower risk of death.

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5. Drinking coffee protects your liver. 

Your liver plays a very important role in your body and has numerous different functions to achieve.

Hepatitis, fatty liver disease, and many other diseases affect the liver. These conditions can lead to cirrhosis, which is when your liver is replaced by scar tissue.

People who drink 4 or more cups of coffee a day have a reduce their risk of cirrhosis by up to 80%.

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6. Coffee is good for your heart. 

8 Proven Health Benefits of Coffee

Yes, many of us are in love with coffee, but that’s not what I’m getting at.

1 in every 4 deaths in the united states is directly caused by heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both women and men.

Drinking coffee has the potential to reduce the risk of heart failure by 11%.

!IMPORTANT! – The following five symptoms can indicate when someone is having a heart attack and requires immediate emergency care:

  • Pain in the jaw, neck or back.
  • Pain in the arms or shoulder.
  • Chest Pain.
  • light-headedness or weakness.
  • Shortness of breath.

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7. Coffee dramatically improves physical performance. 

An awesome health benefit of coffee is natural physical POWER! Caffeine has been show to be one of the best natural supplements to improving physical performance.

The caffeine increases adrenaline in your blood, and increases physical performance by 11 – 12%.

Adrenaline is the fight or flight hormone in your body which prepares you for intense physical activities.

It has also been proven that caffeine breaks down body fat, making available fuel for the body to utilise.

Whenever you’re think of hitting the gym, try drinking a cup of coffee 15 – 30 minutes prior to your workout. It will give you a more intense workout.

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8. Coffee can make your smarter. 

8 Proven Health Benefits of Coffee

Let’s get one thing straight, coffee is not the smart drug from limitless that Bradley cooper takes and slowly starts conquering the world.

When you drink coffee, the caffeine is absorbed into the bloodstream. Once reaching the brain it blocks the inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine.

By blocking adenosine, other neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and dopamine increase in numbers. In turn this leads to a higher brain power, and a boost in firing neurons.

Coffee can also improve brain functions including memory, mood, reaction times, and general mental function.

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More information about coffee, and it’s amazing health benefits. 

8 Proven Health Benefits of Coffee

  1. How many calories are in coffee? 

One standard cup of black coffee has about 1 calorie. This makes coffee a low-calorie, energy boosting, weight loss drink.

Your digestive system uses more than 1 calorie to digest a cup of coffee, therefore it is considered a zero calorie food.

Be careful when adding milk, cream or other additives to coffee, this is where the calories start to add up!

If you’re into iced coffee, check out this dairy-free, vegan vanilla-honey iced coffee recipe.

2. Is coffee vegan? 

Coffee is absolutely vegan! Unless you decide to add some kind of animal milk to it.

If you do want to add a low-calorie milk to coffee and would like to keep it 100% vegan, try almond milk, or another type of nut milk.

An extra way to add a little flavour is to use vanilla extra with your nut milk. Don’t worry, it is still low-calorie.

3. What is bulletproof coffee? 

Bulletproof coffee is simply one cup of black coffee mixed with butter. It’s a lot more common these days than a few years ago.

Widely used in the Keto diet, bulletproof coffee is high fat and provides a great energy boost. Coconut oil, and other types of oils can substitute the butter, it all depends on the recipe.

4. Is too much coffee bad for your health?

The short answer is yes, too much coffee is bad for your health, and can even cause fatality. This is in extreme cases and would require over 100 cups of coffee to be consumed.

Ingesting too much caffeine does have its side affects such as, increases heart rate, sleeplessness, and irritability. It’s safe to stay around 4 cups a day.

5. What are the different types of coffee beans and which one should you use? 

There are only two different types of coffee beans, robusta and arabica.

The robusta bean carries more caffeine and has less sugar, but the taste is much more bitter. Robusta is less common than arabica because of its taste, some refer to it as a “rubbery” flavour coffee.

Try the Kicking Horse Coffee, it’s organic, fairtrade, kosher, arabica coffee that has Rich, dark chocolate, cacao nibs, brown sugar and roasted hazelnuts tasting notes.

Looking for something to cure you hangover other than coffee? Try this Hangover Cure Juice, it’s amazing.

Leave a comment below if you enjoyed the proven benefits of coffee, or if you have any questions!

Stay Healthy!

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