A Simple Way To Lose 50+ Pounds


Losing 50+ pounds is a phenomenal achievement. You may think “that’s not going to be simple? Surely?”, and you’re right. To lose 50+ pounds can be a never ending task if you’re following the wrong path. 

We have compiled a short list of steps that you can take to ensure you’re on the right path to lose 50+ pounds. 

To achieve such a large goal you need to want it. If you don’t want to lose weight and become a healthier, better version of yourself, is it going to happen? 


You are the deciding factor on how your life changes, and what the next step for you will be. 

The simple steps below are there to help you on your journey to become a healthier you. 

The hardest thing about losing weight isn’t about follow a diet, exercise plan, etc. The hardest thing to do is break bad habits.



1. Dedication

The first step before any other is dedication, it is the key to moving forward in both weight loss and life. 

Ask yourself if you can commit to eating a well balanced healthy diet, and if want to change yourself for the better.

What was your answer? 

Just by using this one step you can dramatically increase your chances of losing 50+ pounds and living a healthier, more full life. 

Start to push yourself in everyday life to do better, what ever you love and want to succeed at, dedicate yourself. Do it with wholeheartedness and start breaking through old habits. 

Old and bad habits are the keys to living an average life. Breaking old and bad habits is the key to living an extraordinary life! 

It’s time to begin your new life right now.

You have the potential to lose 50+ pounds easily, so what are you waiting for? Don’t wait until January 1st, start now. 



2. Eliminate added sugar. 

a simple way to lose 50+ pounds

The rush of energy, the sweet taste and then the sugar addiction that follows. Some can find the partnership with sugar unbreakable, and I think we’ve all been there at least once. 

Imagine your goal to lose 50+ pounds as a 100m running track, then someone and puts a 20ft wall at the start of the track.

That 20ft wall is added sugar and it’s stopping you before you even start.

If you can’t kick the added sugars, the simplicity of losing 50+ pounds goes out the window. Unless your spiderman and can climb a 20ft wall.

The consumption of added sugars increases your carbohydrate and calorie intake. The big problem is that added sugars are generally empty calories, meaning they have minimal nutrients that your body uses.

You won’t be able to cut sugars out of foods like fruit, because the sugar in fruit is naturally occurring. That’s completing fine, as long as you’re not overdoing it. 

The added sugars in highly processed foods are the ones we need to be targeting.

How to go about removing sugars? 

Here are 9 Easy Ways to Cut Down Your Sugar Intake > 



3. Reduce your carbohydrates

Reducing your carbohydrates is step #3 in simple ways to lose lose 50+ pounds. This step is self explanatory and quite an easy step to follow once you’ve gone through 1&2. 

All carbohydrates have to be limited. This includes: 

  • Breads
  • Pasta
  • Sugar
  • Fruits
  • Potato
  • Grains 

It looks shocking, but don’t be too worried about losing some of the items on this list from your diet. 

The majority of your diet should consist of veggies and quality proteins. The rest will be complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. 

At first you will want to reduce your daily carbohydrate intake to minimal amounts, this will trigger your body to start burning fat instead. Then reintroduce carbs back into your diet later on, but only as complex carbohydrates. 

Complex carbohydrates examples: Brown rice, fruits and veg, sweet potato.

If you feel the need to eat more carbs, always try and use complex carbohydrates for the nutritional benefits. 

This means no alcohol.



4. Eat more veggies and protein. 

a simple way to lose 50+ pounds

In the previous step we mentioned that the majority of your diet should be based on vegetables and quality protein. 

Vegetables are an amazing source of nutrients and fibre for our bodies, and they are necessary in every diet, especially a weight loss diet. This is one of the most simple steps to lose 50+ pounds. 

Breakfast – Veggies

Lunch – Veggies

Dinner – Veggies

Every single meal you have should have vegetables included. Whether they are roasted or stir-fried, or in an omelette, they are needed. 

Did you know that vegetables are mostly made up of water? Just like us. What’s even more amazing is that celery is around 95% water, can you believe that? 

Vegetables contain very little calories with very high nutritional values, so start eating more of them. 

Quality proteins are another easy one to add in to your diet, if you haven’t already. When people say protein, normally the first thing to come to mind beef, or chicken. 

They do include lean beef, skinless chicken and fish, but they can also come from plant based sources. 

If you’re struggling to get protein into your diet you might even want to try a protein powder.

Check out Top Plant Based Protein Powders For Weight Loss.



5. Exercise

a simple way to lose 50+ pounds

The last step to lose 50+ pounds is simply exercise. Although it’s not necessary to lose weight, exercising will greatly help with the process. 

Changing your diet is considered the most important part to losing weight, I think people normally refer to it as “80% diet and 20% exercise”. This rule is completely true, exercise is basically a side salad to complement the main meal. 

However, that doesn’t mean exercise isn’t necessary for a healthy body, and we’re looking to achieve both here. 

A simple and relaxing way to get in exercise is to walk. It’s that easy. 

Every day, wake up and walk. Set a timer on your watch or phone for 30 – 60 minutes and just start walking around. Try and put some speed into your walk if you feel like it, or even progress to jogging. 

Go to the gym if you have a gym membership, try to get in 3 x 60 minute workouts per week there. Even if it’s on the treadmill for 30 mins, and then on the bike for 30 mins. 

Commit yourself to waking up 30 minutes earlier every morning for a walk. 



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