25 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

25 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Diet and food are the most powerful tools when it comes to weight loss. Take a look at these 25 foods that can help you to lose weight.

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1. Eggs

Eggs are a great source of animal protein and also healthy fat. Increasing your protein intake can help your body to burn an extra 80 – 100 calories per day and also maintain muscle mass during weight loss.

2. Avocado

25 foods that help you lose weight

Avocado is one of my top favorite foods and for good reason. This delicious fruit is an incredibly healthy food made up of mostly healthy fats. Combined with its high fiber content it’s the perfect weight loss food. It will help to keep you full long after consumption so that you won’t need to snack. Avocados also contain no sugar, unlike most fruits.

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3. Dark Chocolate

Not all chocolate is bad! Dark chocolate has been shown to have a wide variety of health benefits including appetite control and improved metabolism which can both help you to lose weight. Stick to dark chocolate that contains at least 70% cacao.

4. Blueberries

25 foods that help you lose weight

Blueberries are one of the more luxury foods on this list that can help you lose weight. Recent studies suggest that blueberries may influence genes which regulate fat-burning and help reduce abdominal fat.

5. Lemons

Lemons are packed with Vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps support your immune system, they are considered a great weight loss food. Fresh lemon juice is a great way to add flavor to plain water.

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6. Zucchini

Zucchini is a great source of vitamins and has a very high moisture content. This way you can fill up your tummy and increase your hydration at the same time!

7. Salmon

25 foods that help you lose weight

Salmon is one of the healthiest fish options available, it is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids and a great source of clean protein. What’s better is the high amount of protein in salmon helps to control your appetite and give you a better feeling of satiety.

8. Spinach

Spinach is low in calories, high in fibre, and helps to suppress your appetite. It’s also an excellent source of iron that can benefit those with iron deficiency – check out How To Know If You’re Iron Deficient + 10 Iron Rich Foods.

9. Papaya

25 foods that help you lose weight

Papaya is a fruit that contains the enzyme papain. This enzyme aids the digestive system process food. It also helps to control your appetite which can, in turn, help you to lose more weight.

10. Broccoli

Broccoli is a staple in many peoples diets, mostly because it’s simplicity to cook and eat as a vegetable. It is jam-packed full of fiber and healthy nutrients, if you’re not a fan of boiled broccoli, try it in a soup.

11. Chia seeds

25 foods that help you lose weight

These little guys contain a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It’s as easy as sprinkling them onto a meal, you won’t even taste the difference (except for a little crunch).

12. Green tea

Green tea is a zero calorie food that can help with your weight loss, and also improve your physical performance. Drinking this beverage can boost your metabolism to help you burn more calories, and enhance your energy levels to give a more intense workout.

13. Beetroot


Beetroot is full of fibre and healthy nutrients for your body. It has a beautifully sweet flavour when roasted and can help to fill your tummy up to stop those cravings.

14. Olive oil

Olive oil provides the body with a variety of useful nutrients as well as reducing bad cholesterol levels. It’s used in cooking, salad dressings, and fresh homemade sauces because of its health benefits and versatility. Olive oil is one of the easiest foods to add to your diet that can help with weight loss.

15. Brussel sprouts

25 foods that help you lose weight

Brussels are high in nutrients, rich in antioxidants and are packed full of fibre. They are super easy to add to your diet whether it’s in a salad or pan-fried for dinner.

16. Pumpkin

Pumpkins are low in calories and rich in fibre, when roasted they bring out a sweet warm flavour, perfect for a winters dinner. They can also be used to make delicious pumpkin soups on a cold winters day.

17. Bananas


Bananas are loaded with fibre and Vitamin C which helps your body to burn fat. They are also a great source of potassium and super easy to add into your diet.

18. Garlic

Garlic is a great food that can help you to lose weight. It contains allicin which has a variety of different health benefits, one being fat burning. Fresh or pre-crushed garlic can be bought and added to almost every meal to improve flavor.

19. Strawberries

25 foods that help you lose weight

Adiponectin is a fat burning hormone that is found in strawberries, which is why these beautiful red berries should be added to your diet to lose weight. Be careful not to over indulge though, as the sugar intake can start adding up.

20. Raspberries

Raspberries are full of fibre which is crucial for a healthy digestive system, they are extremely versatile and can be easily added into your diet as a healthy snack. You can use raspberries to replace other sweet treats as a healthier option.

21. Honey


Honey aids in metabolising cholesterol and fatty acids, it’s a great natural sweetener and is rich in antioxidants. If you don’t like black coffee, try adding honey, it completely changes the flavour.

22. Almonds

Almonds are low in carbs and high in protein as well as fiber, making them a great snack to fill you up. This can help to reduce cravings as well as provide your body with a nutritious bite to eat.

23. Mushrooms

25 foods that help you lose weight

Mushrooms are a part of the fungi family and are rich in nutritional value. They’re low in calories, high in protein, and a great source of fibre for the body. Mushrooms contain two types of dietary fibre which increase satiety and reduce cravings.

24. Chillies

Chillies are an excellent food to add to your weight loss diet. They work by reducing your appetite and increasing your metabolism and fat burning potential. The downside of chilli – It burns! Be careful not to add too much if you don’t normally eat spicy foods.

25. Apples


Apples have a high water content and rich in vitamins and minerals. They taste great cooked or raw and provide the body with valuable nutrition.

Fun fact: In colonial times, apples were called a “winter banana” or “melt in the mouth”.

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