3 HUGE Weight Loss Diet Mistakes

3 HUGE Weight Loss Diet Mistakes

Have the numbers on the scales slowly come to a halt? Whatever you do, don’t make any these 3 huge weight loss diet mistakes!

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1. Counting Calories

When it comes to losing weight, you might instantly think about whipping out your phone and starting up your calorie counting app, or googling “calories for weight loss.”

You then start calculating how many calories you need to eat for weight loss, and off you go.

There’s a slight problem here.

Calorie counters don’t always show you what you should and shouldn’t be eating for weight loss.

So for the first few weeks, you will see some progress, but it will start to plateau pretty quickly if your diet’s not in check.

And more often than not, when people hit a plateau in their diet, it can lead to frustration and deviating from their weight loss goals.

Calorie counting is something you should do once you understand proper nutrition and what foods you should be eating for healthy weight loss.

If you jump right into calorie counting without changing your diet, you could end up with many unbalanced and unhealthy meals.

2. Complicating Things

Complicating things is the second weight loss diet mistake on this list, and it’s a big one.

One – Is it easier to follow a recipe from one book that has its method and ingredients listed in order?


Two – Is it easier to follow a recipe from five different books with the method and ingredients all jumbled up?

Of course number one is easier!

If you have an app for exercise, a book for diet, and you have 10 websites bookmarked for everything else, weight loss is going to become super complicated, and it shouldn’t be!

I can tell you right now that if you don’t have a plan for weight loss that’s clearly outlined and in order, it’s going to make the process a whole lot harder for you.

Weight loss is easy. You need one plan that focuses on a healthy diet, a healthy mind, and what you want to achieve.

3. Diving Head First Without A Plan

I briefly mentioned having a plan previously, but it really needs more emphasis.

One of the biggest reasons people struggle to lose fat is…

They don’t have a plan.

Without the right plan, losing weight can seem to take FOREVER or in some cases not happen at all! This leads to a rapid decline in motivation… which ultimately leads to you giving up on your goals. We don’t want that!

Find a plan or create your own. It doesn’t matter so much where you get it from but whether you will stick to it.

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