5 Foods To AVOID For Weight Loss

5 Foods To AVOID For Weight Loss

You eat healthily, exercise vigorously 4 times a week, and stick to your plan day in, day out. But, when it comes to the weigh-in, your weight hasn’t budged at all. Frustrating, right?!

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We all know that food is the most essential part of weight loss and that it comes before all else.

It’s time to take a more in-depth look into the foods that may be putting a halt to your weight loss results.

If your diet has consisted of any of these 5 foods to AVOID eating for weight loss, it may be time to give it the flick!

1. Fruit Juice

5 foods to avoid for weight loss

The majority of fruit juices you’ll find at the supermarket should never be considered in your weight loss diet.

These fruit juices are highly processed and packed full of added sugars, preservatives, flavors. You name it.

Always opt for whole fruit over fruit juice. Whole fruit has so much more to offer than it’s refined friend.

Don’t fall for the “healthy” marketing, always check the label before you buy. Most of the time, these fruit juices will contain just as much sugar as soda.

2. Yogurt

5 foods to avoid for weight loss

I know, I know, how can yogurt be unhealthy, right?

The reason yogurt falls under the 5 foods to avoid for weight loss is because of added sugar.

If yogurt wasn’t chock full of fillers, flavors, and added sugars, it could help with weight loss!

Don’t completely write off yogurt from your shopping list yet, because there is a healthy option.

You may have to look around a few different stores. However, some yogurts don’t contain added sugars and fillers. Just make sure to check the labels.

3. Frozen Meals

5 foods to avoid for weight loss

Frozen meals are a life saver for those who are always on the go, but they could be holding your back from your weight loss goals.

Many “healthy” frozen meals contain a large amount of sodium and some even sugar, which turning your weight loss into weight gain!

While the majority of frozen meals you see at the supermarket are artificial and loaded with calories, the odd few can be healthy.

You’ll need to sift through the selection and find the ones without chemicals, high calories, or artificial ingredients.

The more veggies, the better!! When frozen, they hold most of their nutritional value, so don’t worry about lacking nutrients if you pick a frozen meal packed full of vegetables.

4. Protein/Energy/nut Bars

5 foods to avoid for weight loss

I can’t recall ever seeing a energy/protein/nut bar in the supermarket that didn’t contain a high amount of sugar, or carbohydrates.

The Fruit bars are full of dates or other dried fruits, which spikes the sugar level through the roof.

What about zero carb protein bars? Unfortunately when we see “diet” or “zero carb“, it means there are artificial sweeteners added to the food.

These chemicals are not doing anything good for your body.

Swap your protein/energy/nut bars out for homemade bars with natural ingredients, or try a piece of fruit instead.

5. Simple Carbs

5 foods to avoid for weight loss

Simple carbs are number 5 on the list of 5 foods to avoid for weight loss.

This one is the most important! All 4 of the above foods contain simple carbs.

When you eat simple carbohydrates your body converts them into sugars, and send them straight into your bloodstream.

Your body then produces additional insulin to help your body absorb the sugar.

The problem is that you end up with low blood sugar, and still feeling as hungry as before. Then, your brain is then telling you it’s still hungry and it wants more simple carbs, so you reach for some more.

It’s a vicious cycle if you’re not aware of it, and is the biggest reason people struggle to lose weight.

What you need to be doing is, filling your body up with nutrient dense foods that will leave you satiated.

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