9 Tips To Avoid Overeating

1. Remove All Distractions.

Avoid eating in front of the televisions, computer, and DO NOT eat and play on your phone.

People who are distracted during a meal have a higher chance of overeating.

2. Always Shop After A Meal.

Never ever shop before a meal. It may cause you to buy more food than necessary and overeat.

3. Shop outside.

Most of the vegetables and whole foods are on the outer sections of the supermarket.

All of the processed and refined foods are generally on the inner sections.

5. Avoid Eating From Packets/Containers.

It’s a trap! Try an avoid eating your food from packets such as potato chips because it can cause you to eat more than recommended.

6. Smash A Pillow, Not A Cheeseburger.

Emotional eating is serious. Think, how many tubs of ice cream do you think have been consumed because of a break up? HEAPS!

Try not to opt for fast food, chocolates, and cakes. Take your anger and stress out on a pillow, or even better, go to the gym and use a punching bag.

7. Eat More Fiber Rich Food.

It sounds counteractive to “eat more”, but by eating more fiber rich foods, you will stay full for longer.

Every meal, pack your plate with a heap of vegetables. They are low in calories and packed full of fiber.

8. Enjoy Your Food.

If you’ve had a busy lifestyle for a long period of time, it may seem normal it eat your entire plate of food in under 60 seconds.

The common mistake of eating too fast can lead to serious overeating because the food you have eaten in 60 seconds hasn’t even been recognised by your body yet!

9. Drink More Water.

Quite often people can confuse thirst with hunger. An easy way to combat this is to drink more water.

Try to have at least 8 cups evenly spaced throughout the day. Depending on your activity level, you may need more.

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