6 Tips To Lose Side Fat Fast

Women of all shapes, sizes, age, and fitness level can have side fat that just doesn’t budge! We can work out day after day with no real results showing, it’s frustrating, right?! These 6 tips to lose side fat are to help you get rid of that muffin top or side fat that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere!

6 Tips To Lose Side Fat Fast

If you’re serious about losing your side fat, start with these tips to see a noticeable change in how you feel and look.

I know you can do it!

1. Increase Fiber Intake.

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If you’re look for ways to lose side fat, increasing your fiber intake is a great place to start. The more fiber you eat, the more full you will feel, thus reducing your appetite and urge to snack on other foods.

Another benefit of fiber that you’ll absolutely love is that it reduces bloat! Fiber aids your digestion process and helps to minimize bloat and other stomach issues that make your midsection look a little larger than it actually is.

Whole foods such as vegetables and fruits are fiber rich, here’s a List Of Whole Foods For Weight Loss.

2. Reduce Refined Food Intake.

Refined foods are a HUGE contributor to excess side fat. Simply put, they’re empty calories that provide zero benefits to your body.

What’s the point of eating foods that have negative effects on our bodies? There really is no point at all!

Many of these foods also contain ingredients that are toxic to your body and are stored as fat cells.

Try to reduce or eliminate as many refined foods from your diet as possible and replace them with whole foods.

3. Increase Lean Protein.

An interesting fact about protein is that it’s not stored by the body, which means we have to regularly consume it to access the benefits.

Protein plays a large role in promoting lean muscle growth which can help boost your metabolism, as well as aid in burning fat.

The more muscle you have, the more fat your body will burn. Protein, like fiber, helps to fill up your tummy and reduce cravings.

4. Eliminate Alcohol.

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Alcohol, ahh what can I say. Alcohol comes under the category of refined foods. It contains a high amount of sugar and is also toxic to your body.

It’s best to completely eliminate alcohol from your diet if you’re seriously trying to lose side fat.

It doesn’t hurt to have a glass of wine every now and then as long as you don’t go overboard!

5. Portion Control.

Controlling your portions is the ultimate way to lose side fat. Diet is the primary way to lose weight, and you have complete control over it.

You don’t necessarily have to eat smaller portions, you may just need a slight rearrangement.

Here’s a good portion example: 30% protein, 20% complex carbs, 10% healthy fats, and 40% veggies.

Veggies should take up the majority of your plate, followed by lean protein, complex carbs, and then healthy fats.

You can still have awesome meals using this portion example!

6. The Daily Walk.

6 tips to lose side fat

The more you move, the more you burn. Regular exercise is a great way to enhance your weight loss results.

And the best part is… Walking is free!

Starting a 30 – 60-minute walk each day will help to burn fat and reduce your stress levels. Never underestimate the power of a daily walk!

Use A Simple Step-By-Step Plan

The biggest problem most people face when trying to lose weight is not having a step-by-step plan to help you progress.

If you are looking for additional tips and an actual plan to help you lose weight, our BHL Fat Loss Program is a great place to start.

It’ll show you exactly how to melt away stubborn fat fast with a step-by-step meal outline, low-impact workout plan, and much more.

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