8 Ways To Burn 500 Calories In Under 1 Hour

8 Ways To Burn 500 Calories In Under 1 Hour

Burning 500 calories may seem daunting, but you can easily do it in under an hour with the right exercises. These 8 ways to burn 500 calories in under an hour are to help you, reach your goals, FASTER!

8 ways to burn 500 calories in under 1 hour

Some people find exercising alone with their headphones on the best way to get through their workout.

Personally, I find that working out with a friend is the best way. It can make your grueling workout much easier, and a lot more fun.

So if you’re that fussed on working out, grab a partner and make it fun together!

Here are 8 ways to burn 500 calories in under 1 hour.

1. Jogging for 60 minutes (5mph Pace).

Just like running but easier! If you’re new to running or don’t want to push yourself too hard just yet, try jogging instead.

Think about all the calories your burning off your body! You burn roughly 8 calories every minute you job. Start jogging!

2. Swimming for 60 minutes.

Swimming is a great low-impact exercise. Swimming is perfect for people who have trouble with their joints or don’t like the idea of intense exercise.

You can swim at the beach or local pool if you don’t have one at home.

3. Climbing Stairs For 50 Minutes.

Climbing stairs is a great exercise and can be done anywhere there’s a staircase, even at home!

Stair climbing is a powerful workout that is fantastic for toning your legs. You will feel the burn all the way up your legs!

4. Jump Rope For 50 Minutes.

Jumping rope is a very popular exercise for UFC and Boxing. There are many different ways to do it and they all burn off the calories!

If you can’t jump rope for long periods of time, do it in intervals to make it a little easier until you build up your stamina.

5. Rock Climbing For 60 Minutes.

Rocking climbing is great fun! Get the whole family involved if you can. The kids will love it. However, this exercise isn’t for people who don’t like heights.

You can build a strong upper body and tone your arms/back with rock climbing.

6. Rowing For 60 Minutes.

Take the kayak or canoe down to the local dam/river and row like there’s no tomorrow!

If you don’t have one, your local gym will have a row machine. Alternatively you could hire one with a friend and go for a nice row down river.

7. Riding A Bike For 50 Minutes.

Bike riding is one of the easiest ways to burn 500 calories in under 1 hour unless you live in the French Alps.

Riding your bike to the local store to get your groceries is a useful way of implementing bike riding into your routine.

Pop a basket on the handle bars and away you go!

8. Running for 30 minutes (8mph Pace).

Running is for those who want to push themselves and those who like intense physical activity.

Make sure you have the right running shoes before going out on a 30-minute power run!

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