Beauty Sponge vs Brush | Who will Win!

The great debate of the 21st century – beauty sponges vs brushes. It’s divided the beauty community. Some say that brushes leave stroke marks, and others say that beauty blenders absorb too much product. Which one is it? Is a beauty sponge really better than a brush? We have put them to the test to see which applicator is better…

In the left-hand corner, we have the Beauty Sponge!

Beauty Sponge vs Brush | Who will Win!

Invented by Rea Ann Silva in 2007, the signature pink egg-shaped sponge has become an industry-leading makeup applicator. The beauty sponge was created to help blend your makeup out while absorbing the foundation to distribute it evenly amongst the skin.

There is a lot of hype around the beauty sponge for good and bad reasons. Here are the pros and cons of the applicator…

Beauty Sponge Pros:

Creates an evenly-finished coverage.

The beauty sponge bounces the foundation onto your face, evenly blending it out, filling in your pores, leaving your skin looking and feeling flawless.

Perfect shape.

The egg-shape is perfectly designed for applying the product all over your face including the hard to get areas (eg. corner of your eyes and creases of your nose).


The beauty sponge is very versatile. You can use it to apply your foundation and other liquid makeup products (eg. concealer, liquid highlighter, etc.) You can also use it to apply your setting and pressed powders.

Beauty Sponge Cons:

A Breeding ground for bacteria.

Due to always being damp and absorbing various products, your beauty sponge is a huge breeding ground for bacteria and in some cases mold.

Leads to breakouts.

The sponge is frequently used on the skin and is also a breeding ground for bacteria, so it’s understandable why it can lead to breakouts and acne.


The beauty sponge is one of the most un-hygienic beauty applicators available. You can never get it 100% clean. It is suggested to replace it at least once every month.


Beauty Sponge vs Brush | Who will Win!

The beauty sponge absorbs the majority of the product and when first applying it to your skin it’s very sheer. You’ll have to apply a few layers to achieve the perfect coverage depending on the product.


Beauty Sponge vs Brush | Who will Win!

I applied a medium coverage foundation with the beauty sponge, so the coverage wasn’t great but it did look natural. I had to apply two layers to achieve a reasonable coverage. The sponge bounced the product into my skin and I noticed that my pores were less visible.


It’s recommended to clean your beauty sponge after every use to help slow down bacteria growth. I covered the beauty sponge in soap and rung it out with water a few times but was struggling to remove the questionable stains. No matter how well you clean it, you’ll never get it 100% clean.

In the right-hand corner, we have brushes!

Beauty Sponge vs Brush | Who will Win!

Makeup Brushes are one of the oldest beauty applicators, they date all the way back to the 500 to 600 AD. They’re easy to use, to buff and blend your beauty products onto your face. There are hundreds of different shapes, sizes, and styles. Here are the pros and cons of using a foundation brush…

Foundation Brush Pros:

Easy to use.

Foundation brushes are super easy to hold while buffing product onto the skin. You can also transfer between hands without it being awkward or uncomfortable.

Even application.

It’s much easier to create an even and flawless application using a foundation brush, as you have more control over the blending process.

Easy buildable coverage.

It’s extremely easy to build coverage using a foundation brush, it blends and buffs the product into your skin leaving it looking immaculate and smooth, not cakey and unnatural.

Foundation Brush Cons:


Makeup brushes hold a lot of product and after a few uses start to affect the application of the product, making the end result look streaky.

Time consuming.

Using a brush to buff and blend your products into your skin is a little more time consuming than using your hands or a sponge, but you can achieve a more natural, perfect end result.


Applying the product with the brush was very simple. I used small circular motions to buff the product into my skin. The brush held some product but it didn’t affect the application or the appearance of the finished look.


Once again I used a medium coverage foundation with the brush. The application was very full coverage at the beginning. Once all buffed and blended it did become sheerer. I applied another layer and buffed it in. After the second layer, it was perfect.


Beauty Sponge vs Brush | Who will Win!

It’s essential to clean your brushes as often as possible as the leftover product can affect the application, and it can also be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Cleaning a foundation brush is very easy. I used a sensitive skin soap to clean my make up brush, and it came up squeezy clean.

The Bottom Line.

So… is a beauty sponge better than a brush?

When it comes down to what side you’re on, it’s really personal preference. I personally prefer to use a brush for my foundation because I have more control over blending, and it leaves my skin looking natural and flawless. Plus it’s much easier to clean!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions on this debate. Let me know down below what side of the battle you’re on.

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