6 Budget Templates That Will Help You Stop Worrying About Money

6 Budget Templates That Will Help You Stop Worrying About Money

Are you ready to take control of your finances for good? Do you want to stop stressing and worrying about money all the time and finally feel free? Using a monthly budget template is one of the BEST ways to manage your money.

6 Budget Templates That Will Help You Stop Worrying About Money

Living paycheque to paycheque isn’t fun for anyone. Before I started using a monthly budget template, I had no idea where all my money was going.

These days I know exactly where every dollar goes and it feels pretty damn GOOD!

Don’t you think you’ll be a lot happier and a lot less stressed if you weren’t thinking about money all the time?

What Are Budget Templates?

A budget template is an essential first step to managing your finances. Basically, a monthly budget template allows you to learn where your money is going, figure out where you can save, and finally decide where you want to allocate your money.

Your monthly budget template can be either printable or kept on an electronic device such as a smartphone or a computer of some sort.

How do Budget Templates Work?

Creating a budget from scratch can sometimes be overwhelming, but using a template can make the process much easier and less complicated.

These templates are easy to use. First, think of all your monthly expenses, whether it be bills, food, or gas.

You will begin to quickly see where your money is going and start to work on where you actually want it to go.

There are so many people around the world living without a budget and finding themselves overspending, in debt and living week to week.

It’s easy to go down this path but if you really want to stop worrying about money, you need a budget!

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6 Budget Templates That Will Help You Stop Worrying About Money.

1. My Frugal Home Printable Monthly Budget FREE Worksheet.

My Frugal Home wants you to create a budget that matches your lifestyle and goals. I like this template because of how in-depth it is.

It includes A LOT of things that other budget templates leave off like streaming services, pet care, etc.

It allows for so many different expenses that the average person would have and leaves nothing to the imagination.

You can also download their other free printable worksheets on the same page which will definitely come in handy.

2. Mint Notion Monthly Budget Plan.

Mint Notion has created a simple monthly budget plan which is perfect for beginners. The layout is nice, clean and easy to work through.

Mint notion also has an entire budget binder printable collection for all of your budgeting needs.

Additionally, a blank version is included so you can write and customize your very own monthly budget.

3. Frugal Mom Eh Envelope Budget System

Frugal Mom Eh has created an envelope system similar to Dave Ramsey with FREE printable monthly budget template sheets included.

If you’re a fan of Dave Ramsey, you’ll love this budget system! It also comes in a great color scheme that makes budgeting a little more fun.

Take a read and see what you think of this system.

4. Calizfornia’s FREE Google Docs Monthly Budget Template.

If you not really the paper type of budgeter, then this Google docs FREE monthly budget template from Calizfornia is right up your alley.

With one simple click, you can have your budget on your smart device and ready to go! Liz combines the written part of this budget with Dave Ramsey’s Envelope System.

5. Savor and Savvy Free Printable Monthly Budget Planner

This budget planner from Savor and Savvy is very simple to use. First, write down your total expected income, then your expenses with the amount, date, paid (or not paid) and any additional notes.

Not only is this a handy budgeting template, but it is also a useful reminder of whether you’ve paid a bill or not.

6. Freebie Finding Mom’s Printable Budgeting Worksheet.

Freebie finding mom’s budget worksheet isn’t the prettiest looking template, but there’s no doubt it has everything needed to get your finances in check.

They’ve also included your financial goals, whether that be saving money for a house deposit or maybe a luxury holiday. That’s up to you!

It’s super customizable and doesn’t skip out on the necessities of a monthly budget planner.

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