10 Easy Weight Loss Hacks That Actually Work

10 Easy Weight Loss Hacks That Actually Work

Losing weight slowly isn’t fun at all! There are a few easy weight loss hacks that actually work and you can use them to boost your weight loss results. Try out all 10 of the weight loss tricks below or just stick to a couple and work more in later.

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10 Easy Weight Loss Hacks That Actually Work

1. Clean Out Your Fridge.

One of the easiest weight loss hacks is to give your fridge a good clean out. By this, I mean remove foods like chocolate, cake, sugary drinks, alcohol, biscuits, etc. Give the flick to any foods that are not in your diet and that will set you back from your goals.

You’ll be less likely to eat the wrong foods if they’re not in arms reach. Next time you feel a craving coming on it won’t be so easy to fulfill.

2. Say Goodbye To Your Microwave.

Microwavable meals are generally packed full of calories, sodium, and bad fats that may be sending you away from your weight loss goals. Move your microwave to a spare room or into storage to promote healthier eating and cooking.

Cooking your own meals may take a little longer but you’ll know exactly what goes into your food and how it’s made.

Your health is worth a few extra minutes in the kitchen.

3. Drink Water Before Meals.

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A super easy but effective weight loss hack is to drink water roughly 30 minutes prior to your meals.

Water acts as an appetite suppressant and drinking it before meals will help you to eat less and aid your body with the digestion process.

4. Use Smaller Plates.

Research suggests that eating off smaller plates may make you to eat smaller and healthier meals.

It helps your mind to think there is more food on the plate because of it being smaller in size. It’s kind of an illusion or weight loss trick to play on your mind.

5. Always Stay Motivated.

An easy hack to weight loss is staying motivated. Once you’re motivated, you feel as though nothing can stop you and you can move mountains! Imagine having that feeling all the time…

Take a look at – How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight, 14 Simple Steps.

6. Never Shop When Hungry.

Use these 10 easy weight loss hacks and tricks that actually work to skyrocket your weight loss results and destroy your goals! Make a BIG change today.

When hungry, we tend to opt for easily digestible and high-calorie foods in the store. Every time you shop when hungry, your chances of cheating on your diet skyrockets!

By making small adjustments to your schedule you can cut a portion of unnecessary spending on foods that send you backward from your goal.

7. Stick To A Window.

You’ve most likely heard of Intermittent Fasting. It has a number of health benefits which includes weight loss.

The most popular variant of IF is 16/8. It’s where you fast for 16 hours of the day and eat your meals during the other 8.

It helps to lower insulin levels, eat fewer calories, speed up your metabolism, and much more. Take a look at A Beginners Guide To 16/8 Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss for more info.

8. Stay Hydrated.

Staying hydrated is one of the most well known hacks for weight loss. However, it doesn’t get as much praise as it should.

Drinking water helps to:

  • Reduce cravings and keep you feeling more full.
  • Cleanse your body of waste and toxins.
  • Improve daily digestion.
  • Boost your metabolism.

Staying hydrated is especially important during a detox.

The amount of water you should consume varies from person to person but is roughly 2.7 liters for the average women, which includes water intake from food and drink.

9. Eat Veggies With Every Meal.

Steps to Cut Down on Sugar (1)

A very old but useful weight loss trick is to cut carbs and increase your veggie intake. Plate up your meal with a high amount of veggies, some lean protein, and healthy fats for a couple of weeks.

You’ll immediately see a difference in your weight when carbs are out of the picture and nutrient dense veggies have taken over.

10. Sleep More.

Sleep deprivation can make your hormones (cortisol) go wild which can then lead to weight gain. Getting a good nights sleep in crucial to successful weight loss.

In fact, women who sleep 5 hours a night are more likely to gain weight than women who sleep 7 hours a night.

Try to get 7 – 9 hours of sleep each night, limit your screen time before bed, and if you wake up during the night, try not to be too active.

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