How To CRUSH Your Weight Loss Goals

How To CRUSH Your Weight Loss Goals

Sometimes our weight loss goals can seem impossible. Exercising every day, eating a strict diet, and trying to stay motivated can get difficult, right?! These steps will help you crush your weight loss goals and feel good while doing it!

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If you’re serious about your weight loss, try following as many of these steps as you can.


1. Make A Commitment

how to crush your weight loss goals

The first step to crush your weight loss goals is to make a commitment. If you’re serious about a relationship, you get married. So if you’re serious about a healthy change, commit to your weight loss goals and overall health.

If you’re prepared to take action, improve your body, not cheat yourself, and make a commitment, then you will conquer your goals.

Leave your old self at the door because you’re going to be a brand new person on the other side!

2. Move Your Body More.

how to crush your weight loss goals

When trying to lose weight, raise kids, or anything in life, every little detail counts, and these details are responsible for BIG changes later on.

You can increase your activity levels and burn more calories in many ways that you’ve probably never thought about.

For Example:

  1. Next time you’re thinking of taking the lift/escalator, try taking the stairs.
  2. Walk to the store instead of driving.
  3. When you park your car, park as far from the supermarket as possible.
  4. Do jumping jacks every time a commercial comes on the T.V.

These tiny changes in your every day life can make a BIG impact in your weight loss goals.

Next time, stop and look for an alternative way to add more activity into your day and conquer your goals a little quicker.

3. Be Mindful Of What You Eat.

how to crush your weight loss goals

If your goal is weight loss, then diet has to be your main focus. No matter how hard you workout and push yourself through intense exercise, if your diet isn’t in check, you could be wasting your time.

What does being mindful mean exactly?

To be mindful means to be conscious or aware of something. Here are some examples of mindless eating:

  1. Bored eating.
  2. Emotional eating.
  3. Stress eating.
  4. Thirsty eating (It’s common for us to mistake thirst for hunger).
  5. Social drinking/eating.

The easiest way to be mindful of what you eat is to have a plan of what foods you will be eating and stick to it.

Don’t doubt yourself, you can do it!

4. Don’t Focus On What You Can’t Eat.

Crushing your weight loss goals is going to feel like a burden if you focus too much on foods that you can’t eat.

The more you think about chocolate cake and ice cream, the harder your progress will feel, and the less likely you will stick to your plan.

Throw any negative thinking out the window. You don’t need it. Instead, look at all the foods you can eat and all the fantastic recipes you can create!

Remember that there is always a positive side. You just have to find it.

Soon enough you will be craving the foods that are doing good for you body, rather than those doing nothing.

5. Enjoy Yourself.

how to crush your weight loss goals

An essential step to any weight loss goal is to enjoy yourself, and have fun along the journey.

You can make everything fun! If going to the gym isn’t your cup of tea, try dancing to your favorite music for 30 minutes instead.

Another great activity is to join a group class where everyone works out together and has fun doing it!

Next time you’re making a nice big dinner, get the whole family involved. Not only will this help you, but you will also be teaching the kids how to cook healthy meals. It’s a win-win!

Make changes to your lifestyle so that you enjoy living a healthier life. It’s important that you’re always enjoying yourself!

6. Have A Plan.

One of the biggest reasons people struggle to lose fat is…

They don’t have a plan.

Without the right plan, losing weight can seem to take FOREVER or in some cases not happen at all! This leads to a rapid decline in motivation… which ultimately leads to you giving up on your goals. We don’t want that!

Find a plan or create your own. It doesn’t matter so much where you get it from but whether you will stick to it.

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