How to Meal Prep for the Week – Everything You Need To Get Started

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How to Meal Prep for the Week - Everything You Need To Get Started

Are you interested in meal prep but unsure where to start or even how to start? Here’s everything you need to know and get started to meal prep for your week.

How to Meal Prep for the Week - Everything You Need To Get Started

Meal prepping can look daunting at first. Making 10 or even 20 meals at once? You probably have some questions like:

  • How is that possible?
  • Is it worth it?
  • Where do you store all that food?
  • Do you even save much money?

The funny thing is that I too had all of these questions and many more when I first came across meal prepping.

Now, meal prepping makes up 85% of my meals. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to not meal prepping it’s that amazing!

The best beginners tip I can give you is to start off small and don’t overcomplicate things.

It’s simple and I’ll show you how!

How to Meal Prep – Getting Started.

How to Meal Prep for the Week - Everything You Need To Get Started

Before you start preparing your meals, here’s a rundown of the basics.

What was that tip from earlier? Start off small and don’t over complicate things.

If you’re a beginner when it comes to meal prep then you’ll want to start by picking one meal of the day.

I don’t have a lot of time in the morning so I would opt to meal prep my breakfast. Pick your most inconvenient meal and you will instantly see the benefits of meal prep.

After you’ve mastered one, move on to the next and eventually, you’ll have every meal and snack conveniently organized for every day.

Sounds pretty good, right? I’m getting excited thinking about how much fun you’re going to have on your meal prepping adventure!

Step 1 – Get Some Meal Prep Containers.

How to Meal Prep for the Week - Everything You Need To Get Started

You cannot meal prep without the right containers! You will only need a small set at first, but as you become a meal prep master you’ll need to acquire more.

If you’re anything like me, I don’t like the idea of heating up flimsy plastic containers in the microwave, especially for my family.

I ALWAYS use glass. Here’s why:

  • They’re easier to clean.
  • They don’t stain/burn.
  • Glass is better for the environment.
  • Glass is natural and doesn’t have the health risks that plastic does.
  • So much more!!

If you already have a few containers lying around the house, great, use them to your advantage.

Don’t have a good set yet? Here are some good options:

  • Mcirco 10 Piece Glass Set – This is a perfect meal prepping set for beginners. The containers are made from high-quality glass and the lids have a lifetime guarantee!
  • Glass Mason Jars 12 Pack – Jars a great for storing all sorts of food. They’re also a fantastic tool for overnight breakfast bowls.
  • Pratico Kitchen Leak-Proof Glass Bottles – Using glass bottles to drink from is much better for your health than plastic, and MUCH better for the environment.

Now you have your containers, you’re ready to create your weekly meal plan! Excited?!

Step 2 – Create Your Weekly Meal Plan.

Meal prep is all about planning, saving you time, and reducing your stresses while still enjoying good food. Step number two is to create a meal plan.

Planning, planning, and more planning!

  1. I begin by doing a little research and finding recipes that I can meal prep – try 20+ Meal Prep Ideas That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier for some inspiration.
  2. Next, I write down what meals I will be having on what days. Usually, I will have the same thing for breakfast every day… but that’s just me. Be creative! The Big Shopping List can come in handy here.
  3. Last but not least, add in snacks if that fits into your diet. Snacks are the easiest thing to meal prep.

Step 3 – Go Get Your Groceries.

How to Meal Prep for the Week - Everything You Need To Get Started

You have created your weekly meal plan and now it’s time to get your groceries. Try to avoid shopping while hungry if you can, this way you’ll be less likely to fall for the impulse buying trap.

Before I go shopping, I will go through my weekly meals and write out a shopping list, making sure to write my list in sections – bakery, dairy, fruit, vegetables, etc – because all grocery store are organized this way. You’ll save a ton of time shopping this way!

I really like the Big Shopping List – it comes with 3 years worth of sheets and I can stick it to the fridge. After you’ve finished with it, you can store it in a binder and end up with your very own meal prep book.

Step 4 – Start Your Weekly Meal Prep.

You have created your weekly meal plan, you have your groceries, it’s time to start your weekly meal prep!

Don’t forget to start with the meal that gives you the most hassle first, then as you get more experienced, move on to the rest.

Below are some meal prep recipe ideas to get you started on the right foot. ENJOY!

Meal Prep Recipe Ideas.

How to Meal Prep for the Week - Everything You Need To Get Started


  • Baked Omelet Egg Muffins – These omelet egg breakfast muffins are healthy, light and can be easily stored in the fridge or freezer for later.
  • Breakfast Scramble – A high protein, healthy breakfast bowl that will satisfy your tastebuds.
  • Blueberry Chia Overnight Oats – Enjoy saving time? This healthy chia overnight oats breakfast takes only 5 minutes of prep time!



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