6 Tips To Lose Side Fat Fast

6 Tips To Lose Side Fat Fast

You’re working out, eating healthy, and sticking to your plan, but just can’t lose that pesky side fat! It’s frustrating, right?! These tips are to help you get rid of that side fat that isn’t budging at all!

If you’re serious about losing side fat and want it gone fast, try to include as many of these tips into your day as possible.

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You can do it!

Before we jump right into the fastest way to lose side fat, let’s talk about…

What Is Belly Fat?

Belly fat is excess fat surrounding vital organs. There are three different types:

  1. Triglycerides: Fat that circulates in your blood.
  2. Subcutaneous: Fat directly below the skin’s surface.
  3. Visceral fat: Fat located beneath the muscles in your stomach. 

Visceral is the most dangerous fat there is, and when you have too much, it poses serious dangers to your health.

You now have two reasons behind getting rid of side fat:

One – Look damn fine your clothes.

Two – Lower your risk of serious diseases and health conditions.

One last thing you need to know is that fat cannot be targeted. If you’ve been lead to believe that doing crunches alone will burn away belly fat, forget that information immediately!

Fat loss is made up of at least 80% diet, and that is where your focus should be. Here are…

6 Tips To Lose Side Fat Fast

1. Increase Your Fiber Intake to Lose Side Fat.

Increase Your Fiber Intake to Lose Side Fat

Increasing your fiber intake is a great place to start. The more fiber you eat, the more full you will feel, thus reducing your appetite and urge to snack on other foods.

Fat loss starts and ends in the kitchen. To burn off your excess side fat fast, it’s essential that your diet is in check.

Another benefit of fiber that you’ll absolutely love is that it reduces bloat! Fiber aids your digestion process and helps to minimize bloat and other stomach issues that make your midsection appear a little larger.

Whole foods such as vegetables and fruits are fiber rich, here’s a List Of Whole Foods For Weight Loss.

2. Reduce Your Refined Food Intake.

Reduce Your Refined Food Intake

Refined foods are the single BIGGEST contributor to excess side fat. Simply put, they’re empty calories that provide zero benefits to your body.

Refined foods include:

  • Sugar.
  • Soda.
  • Pasta.
  • Processed Cereals.
  • Cakes.
  • Brownies.
  • Etc.

What’s the point of eating foods that only have negative effects on our bodies? There really is no point at all!

Many of these foods also contain ingredients that are toxic to your body and are eventually stored as fat cells.

Try to reduce or eliminate as many refined foods from your diet as possible and replace them with whole foods.

3. Increase Your Lean Protein to Lose Side Fat.

Increase Your Lean Protein to Lose Side Fat.

An interesting fact about protein is that it’s not stored by the body, which means we have to regularly consume it to access the benefits.

Lean protein is the most important nutrient for fat loss and a better, tighter looking body. Who doesn’t want that, right?!

It benefits weight loss by:

  • Boosting your metabolism – Increased protein intake can help your body to burn an additional 80 – 100 calories per day.
  • Reducing your appetite – Eating more protein at meal times reduces the need to snack and eat more calories throughout the day.
  • Affects several weight loss hormones – Protein increases the levels of the appetite-reducing hormone as well as reducing the levels of the hunger hormone.

Don’t worry! Extra protein won’t make you look bulky or grow insane muscles!

4. Eliminate Alcohol.

Eliminate Alcohol

Unfortunately, wine (alcohol) is one of the main factors holding you back from saying goodbye to your pesky side fat.

Alcohol contains a lot of calories, and depending on the type, it may also include mixers, which are packed full of calories and sugars.

These calories have no nutritional value to your body at all, which means they are “empty calories”. It’s best to completely eliminate alcohol from your diet if you’re seriously trying to lose side fat.

Another downside to alcohol is that it acts like sugar when entering the body, which can cause your body to hold onto fat stores, instead of burning them.

It doesn’t hurt to have a glass of wine every now and then as long as you don’t go overboard!

NOTE: This doesn’t mean you have to give it up forever!

5. Use Portion Control to Lose Side Fat.

Use Portion Control to Lose Side Fat.

Controlling your portions is the ultimate way to lose side fat fast. Diet is the primary way to lose weight, and you have complete control over it.

You don’t necessarily have to eat smaller portions, you may just need a slight rearrangement.

Here’s a good example: 30% protein, 20% complex carbs, 10% healthy fats, and 40% veggies.

Veggies should take up the majority of your plate, followed by lean protein, complex carbs, and then healthy fats.

You can still have awesome meals using this portion example! You’ll feel so much better as well!

6. Have a Plan.

One of the biggest reasons people struggle to lose fat is…

They don’t have a plan.

Without the right plan, losing weight can seem to take FOREVER or in some cases not happen at all! This leads to a rapid decline in motivation… which ultimately leads to you giving up on your goals. We don’t want that!

Find a plan or create your own. It doesn’t matter so much where you get it from but whether you will stick to it.

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