28-Day Money Saving Challenge – How We Saved Over $3000.

28-Day Money Saving Challenge - How We Saved Over $3000

Are you a spendaholic that wants to start saving? Do you often over-spend on items that are non-essential just because you can? This 28-day money saving challenge is going to change your life and the way you save money in 2019!

28-Day Money Saving Challenge - How We Saved Over $3000

We saved a CRAZY $3240 in just 28 days. I was shocked. My partner and I had only been spending money on things we NEEDED… not wanted.

This meant that we weren’t buying extra clothing, snacks, morning coffees (this was a tough one) or even getting a hair cut.

For an entire 28 day period, we stopped over-spending money, and we started saving money… MUCH quicker than we anticipated. And the best part is that it wasn’t difficult at all!

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What Is the 28-Day Money Saving Challenge?

This money saving challenge is a quick and easy way to stop unnecessary monthly spending, and add a few extra dollars to your bank account.

Sometimes, saving money can feel like a drag and you can quickly lose motivation to continue saving.

When you turn saving money into a challenge, it can actually add a lot of fun to the idea, and make you WANT to save money.

The challenge goes for a 28-day period, and only has one rule – Don’t spend money on things you don’t need!

28-Day Money Saving Challenge 2019 – How We Saved Over $3000.

This challenge is super easy and only has two steps. The idea is to remove things from your budget that you don’t need, such as a new going out dress, or even your morning coffee.

Below are the steps we took to save over $3000 in less than a month!

Step 1 – Create a Budget.

The first step we took was to create a budget of what we absolutely needed to spend money on.

Here are some of the things we had on our list:

  • Bills (utilities, insurance, car payments, phone, etc).
  • Basic Groceries (what we needed to survive).
  • Mortgage repayments.
  • Petrol/transport.
  • Healthcare/medications.

You might have a few others to add to your list like school payments, childcare essentials, etc. We double and triple checked that we remembered to write down everything that was essential.

Not all of our bills are monthly, so we had to use some math and work out the monthly cost of each item we had on the list.

If you need a template – take a look at these 6 Budget Templates That Will Help You Stop Worrying About Money.

Step 2 – Save Money.

The next step we took was to start saving money. First I want to give you some insight into one of our grocery lists to see how basic we were eating.

28-Day Money Saving Challenge - How We Saved Over $3000

We didn’t buy any take out. Every breakfast, lunch, and dinner was cooked and eaten at home.

This meant that we also saved a little extra on petrol because there were no unnecessary trips in the car.

I do have to admit that we didn’t cut down on everything. The one thing that we kept was Netflix. In saying that, we still saved over $3000 in 28-days which is AWESOME.

That’s it! I told you it was really simple. Below, we’ve included 20 of our top money-saving tips to help you save even more money!

20 of our top Money-Saving Tips.

  1. Workout at home instead of paying for the Gym.
  2. Reprogram your money mindset.
  3. Stop buying store made coffee.
  4. Prep and plan your meals.
  5. Create a side hustle.
  6. Set up a budget and follow it.
  7. Use your own water bottle rather and buying beverages.
  8. Remove cigarettes and alcohol from your diet.
  9. Stop collecting stuff and start selling it.
  10. Write a list before you go shopping and stick to it.
  11. Make use of leftovers.
  12. Eat more veggies.
  13. Shop around for your car insurance.
  14. Review your health insurance and personal insurance.
  15. Review your electricity and gas options.
  16. Wash your own car.
  17. Buy second hand.
  18. Wait for sales.
  19. Share a Netflix/Stan account.
  20. Use air conditioning efficiently.

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