Why Am I Not Losing Weight on Keto? 7 Reasons Your Weight Loss Isn’t Happening (and What You Can Do About it!)

Have you been trying out the keto diet without success? It’s very frustrating when you hear everyone enthuse about how great this popular low-carb diet is for weight loss.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight on Keto?

Going into ketosis is how keto weight loss occurs. This begs the question, are you doing keto right? Keto diet weight loss happens when you are eating keto diet foods. But there are a few things that you might not realize are tripping you up.

Not to worry though because we’ve got the skinny on keto weight loss and how to make it happen! Here are 7 things you should consider while you’re on the keto diet as they could be the reason why you’re not losing weight on keto.

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1. Your carb consumption is too high.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight on Keto?

The first thing you should look at while doing keto weight loss diets is what you’re eating. You need to get into ketosis where your body burns fat for energy rather than glucose and for that to be possible, you need to severely limit your carbs. 

That total amount of carbs to make ketosis happen is 5% of your total caloric intake per day. For contrast, you should know that a regular daily diet recommends that carbs compose 45% to 65% of daily calories. No wonder it’s so hard to cut back on carbs!

Instead of floundering around though, you should look at keto diet foods and see what you might be eating that’s doing you in. Keeping a journal about what you eat can help you see what’s going on. Also, apps like MyFitnessPal can track your macronutrients for you, making it even easier to stay on track with the keto diet.

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2. What you’re eating isn’t nutritious.

To be healthy on keto or any diet, you need to eat more whole foods and cut out processed foods. Keto diet foods should be as natural as possible. Choosing processed foods, even if they happen to be friendly for keto dieters, adds more calories than you bargained for. 

These convenience foods may seem helpful, especially if you’re in a hurry. They can be a good treat on occasion without straying from the keto way. However, these snack bars, desserts, and other packaged keto foods are no better than other types of junk food just because they fit in the keto standards. They lack nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and have a high-calorie count. 

Keto diet foods that help you win are full-fat dairy, fish, eggs, lean meats, healthy fats, and non-starchy vegetables.

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3. You’re not watching your portions.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight on Keto?

Some people love the keto diet because bacon is on the menu. While it is a fat, it’s not a healthy one, so adding it to every keto meal you eat isn’t exactly a brilliant plan. 

On top of that, many people seem to forget that they need to create a deficit in calories for keto weight loss. Keto is not an all-you-can-eat buffet of bacon. You’ve got to cut your portions down. So, if you want to make a lettuce-wrapped avocado, bacon, and tomato “sandwich,” go for it, but do remember that these things are high in calories. Again, using a fitness app or tracking what you eat in some ways will help you stay accountable for what you eat and keep you from eating more than you should.

4. You’re not exercising enough.

When you follow the keto diet, if you want to lose weight, you have to complement what you eat with physical activity. It helps speed up your metabolism and burn off calories. No, it’s not an excuse to eat more calories at lunch or dinner. It will, however, help shake off that fat, especially around the middle. 

What’s more, exercise on keto will help you lower your risk for diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and anxiety, among other things. You’ll also build muscle and thus have a faster metabolism, even at rest. 

Are you guilty as charged for not exercising? There’s no time like right now to get off your feet and get going. If you’re new to exercising, find an activity you enjoy. It might even help to do it with a friend. Aim for 3 to 4 times a week and keep upping the intensity for your best results.

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5. There’s a medical issue you’re unaware of.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight on Keto?

Now let’s say you’ve been tracking your macronutrients. You’ve been eating almost exclusively whole foods. And you’ve been keeping your portions appropriate while following a fitness routine, yet you’re not losing weight on keto.

If you’re legitimately doing everything right, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor to see if an underlying medical issue could be to blame. You might have something that could make it difficult for you to lose weight like hypothyroidism, hyperinsulinemia, polycystic ovarian syndrome, or even depression. Managing whatever condition you have can then help you to lose the weight on keto.

6. You’re abusing your keto snacking privileges.

Because of the nature of the keto diet with more protein and fat required than carbs, it’s easier to feel fuller. You will still likely need to snack a bit between meals to help you feel sustained, especially when you’re active.

Healthy snacks are ideal for keto weight loss, but the same rules apply. You have to keep watch on what you’re eating. Nuts are a great snack, however, you have to stick to proper portions. If not, you will unknowingly gobble down more calories than you bargained for during snack time.

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7. You’re letting stress keep you up at night.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight on Keto?

Chronic stress and insomnia go hand in hand. And when they frolic together, that can make weight loss difficult. During times of stress, your body produces more of the hormone cortisol than it should. When this happens, it causes your body to store fat, particularly in your midsection. 

Stress leads to a lack of sleep, staying up at night worrying about your troubles. Without proper sleep, the impacts on leptin and ghrelin, your hunger-regulating hormones are negative, meaning it increases your appetite

The best course of action is to tackle your stress head-on. Try yoga or meditation, talk to a friend, focus on exercise, and work on managing your stress. You should also limit your electronics usage, particularly after dark so that your body isn’t kept awake from blue screens. Once you reduce stress, you’ll start sleeping better and everything will fall into place. 

Now that you know what might be holding you back on keto, make these adjustments so you can start seeing the results you’re after!

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