Review | Colourpop No Filter Foundation

Colourpop No Filter Foundation

I’ve never used anything from Colourpop until I saw one of their ads pop up in my feed. They really know how to catch your attention in with their extremely affordable products and gorgeous website. I purchased a few goodies including their “No Filter” complexion range. There were a lot of different opinions around the whole range, but the product that got the most attention was the Colourpop No Filter Foundation.

Review Colourpop

I thought I’d jump on the old bandwagon and review it myself and oh my goodness…..

  • Product: Colourpop No Filter Foundation
  • Shade: Fair 20
  • Finish: Matte

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Review | Colourpop No Filter Foundation

Usually I don’t go into this, but I think this needs to be covered. I placed my order on the 2nd of October, and I received it on the 24th of October. I was checking my tracking number every day, watching it take it’s sweet time to arrive at me. This isn’t a MAJOR issue for me, but it is the longest I’ve had to wait for any makeup product.


Colourpop No Filter Foundation

The design of the packaging is very cute! The box is a baby pink with white diagonal strips and silver, holographic text.

First glance at the glass bottle, it’s pretty small, light and covered in little white stars. It fits perfectly in my hand and comes with a white pump lid, which makes the application a whole lot easier! The pump does take a few does to get some products out, but that is pretty standard.

The Colourpop foundation is perfect for a “travel makeup kit”, due to the size, weight, and the “twist lock” pump lid making it super secure and safe from leaking.


Colourpop No Filter Foundation

The formula of the Colourpop No Filter Foundation is very thin and watery, which made me worry that the coverage was going to be very sheer, but surprisingly it was a medium-coverage. When applying, I did want more of a full coverage look, so I applied two layers of the foundation. It didn’t look cakey or patchy.

The finish of the coverage was very matte and didn’t leave my skin looking dry or flakey. I completed the look with the “Colourpop No Filter Translucent Setting Powder”.

After wearing the foundation for 4 hours, I started to notice my pores were becoming more visible and defined. I could see the foundation starting to separate around the creasing and top of my nose. After 6 hours, it was as if the foundation was just hovering on my skin. Touching my face, the product was coming off onto my fingers. I tried to save it with some more setting powder, but it was too late.


Colourpop is 100% “fur baby friendly” and PETA approved. Their parent company Seed Beauty has come out with a statement announcing they only test their products on humans, the ones in their HQ to be exact.

Colourpop has also announced that almost all of their products are vegan, including the No Filter Foundation. They haven’t listed if their products are dermatologist tested, but they have stated that they don’t put any harsh chemicals in their products.

The shade range of this foundation is AMAZING, there are 42 shades so everyone should be able to find their perfect match!


This foundation is quite affordable, but the amount of product you receive is 25ml, which is 5ml below the standard amount.

Final Thoughts.

My final thoughts on this product are… I’m a little disappointed.

The only thing that stood out for me was the ethics of this product.

If you’re in need of a cheap, medium coverage foundation to wear for only a few hours at a time, then I’d recommend the Colourpop No Filter Foundation.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions on this product, leave it below in the comments.

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