Review | Swisse Hyaluro-Natural Hydrating Face Mask

Swisse hyaluro face mask

The Swisse Hyaluro Natural Hydrating face mask has a lot of controversy around it. There are people who are loving it, and there are people who HATE it.

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Swisse products are in my good books most of the time, so I needed to know what was going on.

The Swisse Hyaluro Natural Hydrating face mask is said to be a deeply-nourishing moisture treatment, delivering intense hydration to dry, stressed or irritated skin.

And being that I have dry skin, I can really see if this mask works as promised.

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Review | Swisse Hyaluro-Natural Hydrating Face Mask


Opening the jar I found the product inside to be creamy white, the smell was of roses and was very pleasant. I decided to use a makeup brush for the application as I find it to be the most efficient way to apply face masks.

Dipping the brush into the jar I found the mask to be a soft creamy texture. Honestly, my thoughts were this looks like cream mixed with glue.

The directions say to generously apply to clean skin, leave on for 15 minutes and then rinse. As soon as the brush touched my skin I felt a cooling sensation which felt amazing.

While the mask drys I usually wash the brush. I ran it under water for a couple of minutes trying to remove all of the leftover product but literally could not wash it out. Even using soap didn’t work. I was a little worried about how this stuff was going to come off my face!

Removing the mask… this was a challenge. 15 minutes was up. At this point, the mask had gone slightly transparent and my skin felt hydrated.

BUT, when going to rinse the mask I found it almost impossible! I had to resort to a wet towel to wipe the mask off, do you think I could get it off the towel? Hah! This actually had me in a little laughing fit by the end.


Considering the sticky situation I had myself in earlier, the results were actually decent.

To the touch, my skin felt soft and smooth, like a babies bottom. The dry flakey skin around my nose was no longer visible and didn’t have that yukky rough feel to it. It left my face with a natural hydrating glow, that also felt amazing.

Day two… it still feels great. The results for me were more noticeable on the second day, possibly because I was out in the beautiful natural light.

I am loving the feeling of this Swisse face mask.

Final Thoughts.

I do recommend the Swisse hyaluro-natural hydrating facial mask because of the final result. However, you will need to have a wet towel ready to remove the mask.

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