What Is Portion Control? + 5 tips

What Is Portion Control? + 5 tips

Can you think back to a family event where you were served a plate of pasta that looks like Mt. Everest? In your head you’re thinking “Guys, I’m trying to watch my weight here”. You then glance over to your Nan and she gives you that judgemental look as if she knows what your thinking! Well, while on the topic of ridiculous portion sizes, today we’re discussing “What is portion control?”.

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Portion control is a vital part of any weight loss journey, and if you haven’t started yet, you’ll want to read this.

When you eat out at a restaurant, the portion sizes are generally way out of whack to what you should really be eating. It’s just way too much sometimes.

So if you were to eat out every meal of every day it would extremely difficult for you to maintain a healthy weight, or lose weight.

First you need to know the “why” and this can be explained in one sentence.

You have weight gain on your left, and weight loss of your right, in the middle is portion control.

If you eat over your maintenance calorie intake, you’ll gain weight. If you eat under, you’ll lose weight. Simple right?

Listed below are the portion sizes:

  1. Healthy fats – the size of your thumb.
  2. Vegetables – the size of two fists.
  3. Complex carbohydrates – the size of one fist.
  4. Protein – the size of your palm.

The great thing about this method of portion sizes is that it’s super simple to remember. Also when you’re plating up food, you can just compare it to your hand, easy.

The first time your follow this portion control method, your plate is may seem a little bit empty compared to normal. If it does look empty, you’ve more than likely been putting too much on your plate.

If you feel that it’s not enough food afterwards, or you calorie intake requires you to eat more, grab another plate. Just use the correct portion sizes.

Tips for portion control.

1. Eat Clean.

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Portion control also relies on eating wholesome foods that are “clean”. This means removing or limiting foods such as bread, pasta, bacon, junk food and other processed foods from your diet.

When you eat these types of food it prevents your body from functioning as well as it could, and can also lead to an increased chance of weight gain.

You will want your diet to mainly consist of healthy fats, lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and a heaps of veggies. This will give your body the fuel and nutrients it needs to run smoothly.

Fruit is another food to eat and can help to curb sweet cravings.

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2. Quality above quantity.

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Avoid junk foods even if they are the cheapest thing in the supermarket, they won’t keep you full and provide hardly any benefit to your body.

Focus on nutrient dense foods that will fill your tummy up for longer and keep you satisfied.

For example, a plate of vegetables and lean meat will keep you feeling full a lot longer than an unhealthy burger, fries and soft drink will.

Choose the healthy option and give your body the quality fuel that it requires.

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3. Drink more water.

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Am I hungry? Am I thirsty? Which one is it? Many people confuse both hunger and thirst, it’s not uncommon and it can really mess with your portion control.

Roughly 30 minutes before you dive into a delicious meal, drink a cup of water. By doing this your body will be hydrated and less likely to crave more food, equalling a smaller portion size.

Sometimes it can be a little difficult for us to distinguise between hunger and thirst. The best way to figure out is having a glass of water, because it has no calories.

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4. Slow down.

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Shovelling food down as fast a humanly possible is a not the best idea, as it’s likely to cause you to overeat.

If you’re eating your entire meal before the food even reaches the first process in digestion, of course you’re going to still feel hungry! And this may cause you to go for another plate of food.

Take the time to eat your food and enjoy every mouthful slowly.

5. Don’t skip meals.

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Tip #5 for portion control is to not skip meals, which many of us are used to doing.

A busy lifestyle, trying to lose extra weight, or just forgetting to eat can be the cause of skipping meals.

The problem with skipping a meal at lunch is that a dinner time you’re likely to be twice as hungry and eat even more food! The other downside to skipping meals is a huge lack of energy from not fuelling your body.

Make sure to not skip your meals so that you don’t experience any overeating or lack of energy.

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